Master i Akvatisk matproduksjon

Masterprogram i akvatisk matproduksjon – sikkerhet og kvalitet er et 2-årig program.

Dette er et nordisk samarbeidsmasterprogram hvor all undervisning foregår på engelsk.

About the programme

If you want to sharpen your knowledge about aquatic food production and contribute to a more sustainable food value chain, AQFood is for you!

The Nordic Master AQFood is a unique education for the aquatic food sector linking advanced aquatic food production, processing and distribution with issues of importance for tomorrow’s consumers, industry and society.

The demand for aquatic food worldwide is increasing drastically and at the same time there is a pressure for more efficient production and distribution systems to deliver healthy, and safe food also taking into account the environmental and sustainability issues throughout the entire aquatic food value chain.

AQFood is an international master education open to all and offering mobility between the Nordic Countries with three specialised study lines: Aquatic Production, Natural Resources and Industrial Production.